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2 months

So I received my Luxe box about 4 days after ordering, I love the unscented wipes. I purchased the wipes and the wash. I'll try the oil on my next order.


7 weeks ago

Ok so... usually for me... if I have sex too long or if a guy goes too deep... I usually end up spotting... NEVER FAILS!!! So last night... first of all this guy took me through 3 1/2 rounds... 😩 no bleeding... no odor... and the only thing I've done new... is been using the wash and oil!!! Ssssoooooo ummm... YEAH!!!😂


1 month

so happy that my friend gave it to me to try, am so happy she did very good product


3 weeks

I use the oil and my husband walks around the house smelling his lip after he... well you know lol


3 weeks

The rose wipes are a life saver!! Right before I'm about to do some "activities" all I need is a wipe and boom she ready.


1 week ago

I'm in love!

Salina K

1 week ago

Very nice packaging, arrived quickly.

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